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Data Science for Emerging Markets

Here at ABSA we utilize machine learning in order to gain a competitive edge in the new market of sports wagering.  As new states legalize wagering every day,  ABSA is poised and determined to take the wagering world into the 21st century.

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ABSA Investments was founded by three students at the University of Chicago using data science to advance the field of sports wagering.  Using back propagation and neural networks we are able to develop a complex model designed to understand sports wagering better than any human mind.  We currently invest in sports such as baseball and basketball and plan on moving into football, soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf.  Inspired by papers (like the one attached at the end of this) we are just beginning to scratch the surface for AI and sports.  This Stanford paper is a simplified version of what we have to offer, but hits upon the basic points of what we are trying to accomplish.  

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521 5th Avenue New York, New York


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